Chapter 10: Records, registers, returns and execution

This chapter provides guidance on company records and registers, looking at the form, location, inspection and copying of the records and registers. It examines statutory registers and provides guidance on the different types – the register of charges, the register of directors, the register of directors’ usual residential addresses, the register of secretaries, the register of investigations by a public company into interests in voting shares, and the register of debenture holders. It also looks at minutes and other statutory records – including the minutes of directors’ meetings, the minutes of general meetings and records of members’ resolutions, the inspections and copying of general meeting minutes and other records, minute books and the writing of minutes. It looks at statutory returns and other information to be filed with the registrar – including the filing of companies forms, electronic and web filing, Companies House PROOF scheme, the rejection and correction of forms, and the annual return. It provides guidance on the seal and authentication of documents and the official seal for use abroad, and the retention of records and data protection.

Precedents include:

  • Precedent 10.A Register of charges

  • Precedent 10.B Register of directors

  • Precedent 10.C Register of directors’ residential addresses

  • Precedent 10.D Register of secretaries

  • Precedent 10.E Register of interests disclosed pursuant to a s. 793 notice

  • Precedent 10.F Model [s.793 (2006)] notice

  • Precedent 10.G Methods of showing in the annual return details of shares allotted but not registered at the date to which the return is made up

  • Precedent 10.H Seal book

  • Precedent 10.I Resolution (directors) for approving documents sealed

  • Precedent 10.J Article authorising destruction of certain documents following specified period of retention


    Form, Location And Inspection Of Records
    Statutory Registers
    Other Company Records
    Minutes And Records Of Resolutions
    Companies House Filings
    Seal And Authentication Of Documents
    Retention Of Records And Data Protection