Chapter 18: Administration, receivership and voluntary arrangements

This chapter provides guidance on administration, looking at issues like the appointment, qualification and remuneration of administrators, the inability to pay debts, the application to the court for an administration order, interim moratorium, the effects of appointment of an administrator, the powers, duties and procedures of the administrator, and ending administration. It also looks at receiverships, considering issues such as restriction on appointment of administrative receivers, qualification and remuneration, appointment by the court or debenture holders, procedure on appointment, employees, powers, liabilities and responsibilities, records and returns, taxation implications, priorities in distribution of funds, vacation of office and administrative receivers in Scotland. It also provides guidance on company voluntary arrangements, looking at proposals, nominees, the voluntary arrangements procedure, the consideration and effect of proposals, the supervisor, the implementation of voluntary arrangement, the supervisor’s progress reports, the remuneration and expenses relating to voluntary arrangement, and the completion of arrangement.

Precedents include:

  • Precedent 18.A Proxy (administration)

  • Precedent 18.B Proxy (administrative receivership)

  • Precedent 18.C Proxy (company or individual voluntary arrangements)


    Company Voluntary Arrangements
    Decisions By Creditors And Contributories In Corporate Insolvency Procedures