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Latest News

New rules make it easier for ministers to intervene in mergers on national security grounds

Updated rules to strengthen the Government’s powers to scrutinise mergers and takeovers that may raise national security concerns came into force on 11 June 2018. The new rules, which apply to businesses developing military more...

Periodic financial information and inside information

The Financial Conduct Authority has launched a consultation (via Primary Markets Bulletin No. 19 – June 2018) on a proposed update to its existing technical more...

Parent and subsidiary companies

Companies commonly carry on at least part of their business through subsidiary companies. Those subsidiaries will typically be wholly owned by the parent company but can also have outside shareholders who may, for example, be partners in some sort more...

Recent Changes

10.8A Preventing disclosure of address information by the Registrar

New paragraph covering the procedures for preventing disclosure of a director's URA and the recently revised procedures for making applications to have old address information removed from the Companies House register (both previously dealt with in 10.8).

10.18.8 False filing criminal offence

New sub-paragraph added about the false filing criminal offence.

10.19.4 Signature of forms

Reference added to s. 270(3) regarding deputy and assistant secretaries.

10.19.6 Nationality data

New sub-paragraph added about Companies House nationality data.

10.31 Data protection

Revised to reflect the EU GDPR, which came into force on 25 May 2018.